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In our course, Communication Skills Writing, you’ll delve into five essential units designed to sharpen your prowess in written communication. From crafting compelling emails and persuasive proposals to mastering the art of report writing and harnessing the power of social media for recruitment, this course offers a comprehensive toolkit for effective written communication.



Through an exploration of language adaptation across diverse audiences, our course empowers you to master essential skills in comprehensive listening and reading. By delving into the nuances of adapting language, you’ll enhance your capacity to engage with a variety of texts, fostering a deeper understanding and proficiency in both listening and reading comprehension. Prepare to elevate your communication skills through a heightened sensitivity to audience diversity and linguistic adaptability.

What You’ll Learn

– Master basic English grammar for clear writing.
– Expand your vocabulary for varied expression.
– Learn idiomatic expressions for authenticity.
– Analyze sentence structures for coherence.
– Understand nuanced meanings through semantics.
– Adapt writing for diverse cultural contexts.
– Recognize regional language variations.
– Improve reading comprehension skills.
– Enhance overall writing proficiency through practice.


A Journey through Professional English Communication

Throughout this course, you’ll embark on a journey through five distinct units, each focusing on key areas vital for success in today’s global workplace. From mastering telephoning and conference calls to delivering impactful presentations, each unit offers valuable insights and practical skills to elevate your communication prowess. Get ready to unlock new opportunities and confidently navigate English communication with finesse.

Email writing

In the “Email Writing” unit, delve into the art of impactful communication through written correspondence. Explore techniques tailored for crafting concise and compelling emails that leave a lasting impression. Learn strategies for introducing yourself and your organization effectively, ensuring clarity and professionalism in every message. Elevate your email communication skills as you master the art of presenting yourself and your company with confidence and finesse, setting the stage for successful professional interactions.

Proposal writing & Report writing

In the “Proposal Writing & Report Writing” unit, uncover the secrets to crafting persuasive proposals and comprehensive reports. Learn how to structure your documents effectively to convey your ideas with clarity and impact. Explore techniques for presenting data and analysis in a compelling manner, ensuring your proposals and reports are both informative and persuasive. Elevate your writing skills as you master the art of synthesizing information and communicating complex ideas concisely and convincingly.

Writing for Social Media & Recruitment

In the “Writing for Social Media & Recruitment” unit, explore the dynamic realm of social media and its role in modern recruitment strategies. Discover effective techniques for crafting engaging content tailored for various social media platforms. Learn how to leverage social media to enhance your recruitment efforts, from attracting top talent to building your employer brand. Elevate your writing skills as you master the art of creating compelling social media posts and recruitment messages that resonate with your target audience, driving meaningful engagement and fostering connections.

Business Grammar - achieving accuracy.

In the “Business Grammar – Achieving Accuracy” unit, delve into the intricacies of grammar tailored for professional contexts. Learn essential rules and conventions to ensure precision and clarity in your written communication. Explore common grammatical errors and how to avoid them, enhancing your credibility and professionalism. Elevate your writing skills as you master the nuances of business grammar, empowering you to communicate effectively and confidently in any professional setting.

Business Vocabulary - Glossaries

In the “Business Vocabulary – Glossaries” unit, immerse yourself in the specialized language of the business world. Explore comprehensive glossaries curated to enrich your understanding of key terms and concepts across various industries. Learn how to effectively integrate business vocabulary into your communication to convey professionalism and expertise. Elevate your language skills as you expand your business vocabulary, equipping yourself with the terminology necessary to thrive in today’s competitive business environment.


Unlock the power of effective written communication with our comprehensive course, “Communication Skills Writing.” This course comprises five dynamic units, each dedicated to honing specific aspects of writing in the professional sphere: Email Writing, Proposal & Report Writing, Writing for Social Media & Recruitment, and Business Grammar. Through practical exercises and insightful lessons, you’ll develop proficiency in crafting impactful written content tailored for diverse audiences and purposes. Elevate your communication skills and thrive in today’s dynamic professional landscape.

€ 150,-


B2 Level

15 hours of study


Updated: 3/04/2024